• Recap: Live Sketching in Eagle Rock with Sara M. Lyons

    When I found out my friend, artist, and nail decal creator Sara M. Lyons was going be doing a live sketching event with artist Esther Kim, it was settled: I would be driving out to Eagle Rock on a Saturday in the hopes of scoring some super cute decals while watching Sara sketch away for the night. 

    Lyons is an illustrator that's infiltrated the nail community in an unexpected way. With the launch of her "sleazy cute" nail decals she's been able to use her art to tap into a growing market of girls who want to take their creative expression to the next level by sporting their favorite artists on their nails. I became familiar with Lyons' work after she contributed to nail art publication I'm involved with, Tipsy Zine. Recently, she's teamed up with writer and editor Isis Nicole to illustrate That's Totally In!, a coloring book created by Nicole that comes with its own exclusive decals. 

    I was really excited to chat with Lyons in person while getting a front row seat to her sketching process. It was amazing to watch her work so quickly and efficiently. I could really tell she was tapping into a well of creative inspiration. Here are some pictures from the evening in case you missed out!

    Here I am checking Instagram, of course.

    Close up of the decals Sara and Esther collaborated on!

    Had to get a nail shot in! This is Sara rocking her own decals with neon french tips.

    For my sketch I asked Sara to draw a sketch of me! It was a spot on rendering down to the Black Flag button.

    The whole gang.

    Pictured (left to right): Jun-Marie Baudet, Esther Kim, Leanna Lin Fong, Sara M. Lyons, and Josh Grelock